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Meet Dr. Leland Lemon

In-Depth Education

Gastonia Chiropractor Dr. Leland Lemon

Dr. Leland Lemon

I chose chiropractic as a career after being injured in an automobile accident as a teenager. After traditional approaches to relieving me of my pain failed, chiropractic was effective. It should have been my first option.

I went to school at Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, Missouri. I chose Cleveland because it was a smaller school, which allowed for a better instructor to student ratio. I also jumped at the opportunity to live in Kansas City after visiting years earlier. I was surprised by how in depth my education led me into areas other than the spine and nervous system, from cardiopulmonary pathology to embryology. It was a thorough journey into what makes us work as human beings and what can go wrong through disease processes.

Making a Positive Impact

My greatest accomplishment as a chiropractor changes on a weekly basis, as yet another patient who has suffered for a long period is finally able to sleep through the night, play a round of golf without paying for it for days afterward, or pick up their grandchild unhindered by pain.

Staying Active and Healthy

Dr Lemon is married and has an 11 year old daughter, Sophia, and 9 year old son Cooper. Both children play soccer and enjoy the outdoors and camping.

Outside of the office, he enjoys playing the drums, riding his motorcycle, riding bicycles, and hiking. He enjoys anything that involves using his hands and keeps his body moving. The thing about being a chiropractor that appealed to him most was that it was hands on. “Everything of value I’ve done with my life has involved working with my hands.”

Dr. Lemon also gets adjusted at least every other week, and tries to eat as few refined and processed foods as possible. “I don’t eat a lot of red meat but do love a good steak now and again. My wife and I do a lot of cooking so we don’t eat a lot of packaged foods; we work mostly with fresh ingredients.”

“I try to run or bicycle 3-4 times a week either on the green way near our office or the one in my neighborhood. It’s harder to get motivated when the weather turns colder so I often spend time on the treadmill at home.”

To begin your journey to better health with Dr. Lemon or Dr. Bannon, contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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