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Dr. Bannon's Journey to Becoming a Chiropractor

Dr Bannon photoFor Dr. Bannon, becoming a chiropractor wasn’t initially part of his plan. Growing up, his mother worked at dental offices, and he had set his sights on becoming a dentist after completing his undergraduate studies. However, a pivotal conversation with his dentist changed everything.

Dr. Bannon needed recommendation letters for dental school, and his dentist, the first person he approached, asked him: “Have you ever thought about chiropractic?” Intrigued but without prior experience in the field, Dr. Bannon explored this alternative path.

His dentist connected him with a friend who was a chiropractor, and Dr. Bannon became his patient. Through this experience, Dr. Bannon discovered the remarkable benefits of chiropractic care, especially in addressing the ski traumas from his youth. He had unknowingly been living with misalignments that affected his posture and overall well-being. The chiropractor’s expertise opened his eyes to the potential of this field.

Changing Course: Palmer College of Chiropractic

Inspired by his transformative experience as a patient, Dr. Bannon took a leap of faith and redirected his career trajectory toward chiropractic. With a letter of recommendation from his newfound mentor, he enrolled at Palmer College of Chiropractic to pursue his education.

While at Palmer, Dr. Bannon worked with a diverse range of patients spanning different age groups and backgrounds. This broad exposure allowed him to develop a comprehensive understanding of the human body and the impact chiropractic adjustments can have on overall health and wellness.

Profound Moments of Impact

After completing his internships, Dr. Bannon worked in an underserved area in West Texas. This experience exposed him to patients who lacked health care for years if not decades. While serving in the community, he encountered profound moments that further solidified his belief in chiropractic care.

One such instance involved a man who had been suffering from impotence for over 30 years. After receiving low back adjustments, the man experienced a significant improvement in his condition. This unexpected outcome left a lasting impression on Dr. Bannon, showcasing the potential of chiropractic interventions to impact lives positively.

In addition to cases like these, Dr. Bannon witnessed countless individuals with various ailments find relief and regain mobility through chiropractic manipulations and therapies. From men being carried or wheeled into the clinic to walking out on their own, these daily transformations served as a reminder of the remarkable impact chiropractic care can have.

Dr. Bannon looks forward to caring for you and your family and helping to elevate your well-being, one adjustment at a time!

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