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Pregnancy Chiropractic in Gastonia

pregnant mom with hands on bellyPregnancy puts an enormous strain on your pelvic girdle, low back, legs, knees, and ankles. It also releases a range of hormones that loosen up your ligaments, allowing for more mobility in the spine and hips in preparation for childbirth. These changes can lead to pain, discomfort, and decreased functioning during pregnancy.

At Bannon Clinic of Chiropractic, P.A., we offer safe prenatal care to help you achieve optimal health and prepare for the best birth possible. Our care puts you in the driver’s seat, so you can enjoy peak wellness through every trimester.

Empowering You to Understand Your Body

Many people view the changes that take place in pregnancy as nothing more than carrying a little excess weight while experiencing a few physical hardships. Understanding the hormonal changes you’re going through is key to working with your body, so you can set yourself up for success.

As you approach the third trimester, it’s common to have more instability in the spine & pelvis, which may lead to pain. Maximum comfort happens when we help stabilize the spine, letting the hormones do their job without putting you at risk of soreness or injury.

Superior Care Through Every Trimester

Chiropractic is an effective tool to facilitate more comfort and durability over all nine months. By ensuring your pelvis is carrying the baby in the right position, our care can also set you up for a better delivery.

Dr. Bannon and Dr. Katro provide standard adjustments using lighter force and less rotation, so they don’t stress your hyper-flexible ligaments. We have a special table that accommodates a growing abdomen.

Our office doesn’t pressure anyone to subscribe to a long-term plan. Many patients with pain and instability start coming in twice a week, until they improve enough to reduce appointments to once every week or two. The frequency of appointments is up to you and what you’re looking to get from chiropractic care.

Take the Load Off Your Body Today

Carrying a baby is hard work! Schedule your visit now, so we can support you and make your experience of pregnancy easier.


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