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Sports Chiropractic in Gastonia

person stretching shouldersOur natural health care at Bannon Clinic of Chiropractic, P.A. isn’t just about the absence of pain. We go even further to push you toward maximum health and physical achievement. Our expert sports care helps athletes of all ages and backgrounds heal from injuries and accomplish more. We help bring your body into peak wellness, allowing it to function at its best and unlock your optimal athletic potential.

Taking Your Performance to Higher Levels

Many high-end horses get adjustments to improve their performance in thoroughbred racing. If chiropractic is good enough for horses, it has to be good enough for humans! We help everyone, from seniors golfing on the weekend to high school athletes willing to put in the time to get more out of the game.

Chiropractic care works because supporting the spine and joints improves your mobility and the health of your nervous system. An individual whose body is functioning at its best will naturally have a better performance, since you’re not held back by limited range of motion, stiffness, tight muscles, or pain.

Caring for your body requires paying attention to every element of wellness. Athletes understand the necessity of exercise and good nutrition. Chiropractic fits well into your total health care regimen. By keeping your joints in optimum health, we help you achieve more on the court, field, or track.

person having shoulder adjusted

Quick and Comprehensive Recovery

One of our specialties is helping you heal quickly and effectively from sports injuries. We see the whole gamut of injury: golfers in pain due to golfer’s elbow or low back issues from their swing, tennis injuries, high school football players who took a heavy hit, and soccer players with sprained necks or ankles.

Our care starts with detailed adjustments, not only to the spine, but also to extremity joints. We will vary our approach based on your specific body and condition. We also do some Kinesio Taping® in the office and teach you how to properly apply your own tape at home.

Equipping You for Long-Term Wellness

Exercise instruction is a major emphasis of our sports care, so you know how to care for your injury at home. The more you invest in your own healing process, the faster you can return to your sport. We provide every patient with an ice pack and teach you proper cryotherapy protocols, so you’re equipped for every step in the recovery process and can experience better results.

There’s no one formula for everyone. We evaluate your specific case and create a customized plan that takes into account your age, condition, and health goals. Our patients walk away with superior results because we plan every detail of care around you as an individual, working together to build you a healthier tomorrow.

Boost Your Game Today

We want to help you accomplish more, both in the game and in life. Get connected to our team now to learn more about how we can help.


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